Nuestro control de flotabilidad es más rápido en todas las etapas y más eficiente. Ofrecemos una solución de alta capacidad que proporciona hasta un 80 por ciento de ahorro en costos.

Pipeline Anchor Systems

We’ve built a solid reputation as an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of pipeline anchor systems and accessories. Our anchor systems have been proven to hold up under field conditions in numerous installations by leading corporations in the pipeline industry. An anchor system can be custom designed for your specific application. Cyntech will provide complete turnkey design and installation services, or our professional engineers and technicians will work with you to specify the optimum anchor system for your project. Our advanced anchor designs, combined with our exclusive, non-corroding, low stress polyester pipe saddles, provide unparalleled performance and longevity, regardless of the installation environment.

Cost savings up to 80% can be achieved over traditional pipeline buoyancy control methods. Our anchor systems eliminate the need for concrete weights or concrete coated pipe to control buoyancy. Personnel and transportation costs are all reduced significantly with our exclusive anchor system.

Geotextile Pipeline Bag Weights

With 35 years of worldwide pipeline buoyancy control experience we can help you determine the best size, quantity, spacing and design of pipeline bag weights to suit your pipeline buoyancy needs.

TW24 Pipeline Saddle

We have developed the TW24 Pipeline Saddle. This patented specialty pipeline saddle is designed in widths up to 24 inches wide and with superior strength.

When pipeline overbends happen, the pipeline heats up during operation and expands in length. Where stronger soils are prevalent, this may not be an issue as the soil is restraining the pipeline. When you are in weak soils you do not get that restraint. The pipe will tend to grow. What’s most concerning is that an overbend’s weak point can cause the pipeline to pop out of the ground, kink, overstress or fail.

The TW24 is used in overbends to keep the pipeline ridged and in place - ground stress can’t move the pipeline. This process forces the stress to move all along the line and keep things in place.