Cyntech Group’s broad product portfolio means our engineers have more options when it comes to an effective and efficient designs for our clients.

A principal focus of Cyntech’s has been, and will continue to be, the engineered design of efficient helical pile foundations. Unlike other manufacturers, each pile we propose and ultimately produce is custom-designed for a client’s specific load case and geotechnical situation. We are not in the business of selling stock, nor do we attempt to make close-enough pile configurations function in your unique combinations of performance requirements and subsurface conditions.

While small-diameter and solid square shaft helical piles and anchors will always make up a significant part of our business, our experience in the engineered design and application of large-diameter (5.5” to 42” or 139.7 to 1066.8 mm O.D.) helical piles is what truly sets Cyntech apart from the pack.

Each of our Project Managers – those team members who will stick with your project from the beginning of the design and estimating process right through to the final as-built sign-off – are licensed professional engineers.

Our team designs in complete accordance with industry standards, the International Building Code (IBC 2015) and the Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual (CFEM 2006). As over 250 full-scale load tests have confirmed, our Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) approach, also known as Limit State Design (LSD), results in accurate predictions of pile performance in almost every ground condition conceivable.