We have fabrication facilities in Houston, Texas, USA and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We offer full traceability and third-party inspections in both facilities. Most of our pipeline buoyancy anchors are manufactured in our Canadian facility, but we can shift orders to either facility to meet scheduling requirements.

We have automated plasma tables, presses, and pipe profilers that enable us to keep up with tight production rates, keep costs down, and maintain the design and quality parameters required.

Our welders are certified AWS in the US, and AWS, and CWB in Canada. We have certified welding supervisors and engineers assigned to each shop that monitor and maintain welding standards and procedures to ensure our quality meets your needs and industry standards.

For those projects that require additional corrosion protection, such as galvanizing or cold tar epoxy, we have developed partnerships locally that keep us cost effective while maintaining a continuous flow of material to the job site.

We partner with shipping professionals that understand our business and your expectations, whether you need it shipped across town, across country, or worldwide.

Why Cyntech?