Our helical piles are becoming the foundation of choice for electrical transmission lines throughout North America. 

Sector challenges we can solve

Substations, transformers, A-frames, high buses and circuit breakers
Transmission towers, lattice structures, H-frames, monopoles and guyed structures
Telecommunication towers
Distribution pole base
Remote or extreme weather sites
A need for fast and steady installation
Environmentally sensitive areas

No concrete curing time and immediate load capacity mean towers can be erected immediately after the helical pile foundation is installed. This results in less return traffic to an area, as well as the absence of large concrete truck traffic since smaller construction equipment can be used. In addition, a fast and steady rate of installation helps keep crews busy, decreasing lost production time.

Landowners prefer the use of helical piles because there is less disturbance of their land (no augering or spoils).

Our engineers have custom-designed a welded pile cap for remote areas and cold weather where it would be virtually impossible to access with concrete equipment.

Custom engineered design of battered piles enables the foundation to handle the large lateral loads but minimizes the size of the pile cap - saving time and money.

Electrical substations are an ideal location for helical piles as installation can be achieved in confined areas and with having no hammering or vibration during installation sensitive equipment with the substation is unaffected.